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and including him in that process. >> ms. lam? do you think your father would be interested in volunteering his services? >> my dad would be interested. the problem is that he has a tough time getting around. the way that it is now, there is the fence back there, and we have created a door to give them access to that area within the fence. he does not have to leave the house in order to be able to do this. they're going to put a retaining wall and a shrub, the shrub will be about the same size as the garden. i am not asking to own the property. i am happy to buy it;
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willing to sign waivers of liability a what have you to make it to where they will not be liable for anything that could possibly happen. is really just for my dad to have access to the area to garden. if there will be a shrub behind the wall, why not just move it up? they just don't want to because it could potentially delay the project. >> that's it for my questions mr. chair, mr. president. i would like to go on record and ask that habitat for humanity reconsider their position. sound like a small request. you are in the business of building communities and hopefully you will work with ms. lam and her family,
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to where her father can help with the landscape or the property. out of the many problems we see, this is a nice one to put it nicely. thank you very much. >> supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: before the board meeting today i was in my office with the appellant, ms. lam and with habitat for humanity, trying to see what we could do a negotiate some kind of settlement separate from this appeal. i really feel that the appeal does not have strong merit. i will not be supporting or upholding the appeal. having said that i still believe that there is some agreement, some negotiation that can continue
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on access not necessarily access to property for gardening for ms. lam's 83-year old father, but habitat is made an offer to help build the growing areas within ms. lam's yard with volunteers and that is significant. we are seeing 28 new units of affordable housing. we have not seen anything like that. we are talking about a program about how to make low income families economically viable to on their own homes. those are significant things.
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the best accommodation is to build something worthwhile in ms. lam's backyard or finding other resources than the neighborhood that can assist her grandfather. i will not be supporting the appeal. and would like to motion to table item 27. and approve -- actually approve item 28 and table items 29 and 30. >> president: let me close the hearing. are there questions? supervisor chiu. >> supervisor chiu: not a question but i'm hearing from
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habitat if you're willing to resolve the issue. i appreciate hearing that from habitat directly. i will second supervisor avalos's motion; the merits of the appeal, they have not been significant changes to grant the appeal on the parcel map. that is the right motion to make. as he also mentioned, the opportunity to build single-family affordable units is something that is rare in the city. it is an opportunity for homeownership for individuals of the different income level that typically have not had the opportunity to purchase homes. when i first read it, it is one of the amazing projects rarely see, heartened by the fact that habitat is willing to work with ms. lam to resolve the issue. >> president: the hearing is final. supervisor avalos has made a motion that we approve the
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decision of dbw, second it by supervisor chiu. any further discussion? roll call vote. madam clerk. >> >> supervisor breed: aye >> supervisor cohen: aye >> supervisor farrell: aye >> supervisor kim: aye >> supervisor mar: aye >> supervisor wiener: aye >> supervisor yee: aye >> supervisor avalos: aye >> president: motion approved. tentative map is approved. let's go back to item 20. >> can we do this same house
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same call. , ordinance passed first reading . item 21. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: this is an exciting item to landmark twin peaks tavern, on castor street. an exciting day for the castro and lgbt community. the bar has recently celebrated its fortieth anniversary. twin peaks was the first gay bar to be open and visible from the street in terms of windows where you could see inside the bar. that was a huge step. and a coming up for our community for so many years gay bars have been hidden away
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so you cannot see inside. it was very secretive. as our community cannot, twin peaks helped lead the way by having a bar. you could see who was inside. it welcomes all ages. we have a continuing challenge in the lgbt community of celebrating youth to the point that sometimes older lgbt people don't feel welcome in the community. in twin peaks you see young people and old people and everyone in between together and building community. i want to thank the planning staff. tim bryant, mayor brown i hear from planning

January 24, 2013 8:30am-8:38am PST

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